WELCOME! I hope you enjoy my photos from around the world.

I'm a retiree and frequent flyer that loves to travel.

Ended 2016 with New Zealand in November and New York City the week before Christmas. Have started 2017 with trips to Germany, Prague, Munich and Austria.

Have moved my primary airline allegiance over to Alaska Airlines now, and have moved my hotel stays to Hilton, something I would not have predicted a year ago. Times change.

Photo is from Oktoberfest in Munich in September, 2015.

March 2017 - Hong Kong

March 2017 - Taipei, Taiwan

February, 2017 - London

February, 2017 - Vienna, Austria

February, 2017 - Innsbruck, Austria

February, 2017 - Munich, Germany

February, 2017 - Salzburg, Austria

January, 2017 - Hamburg, Germany

January, 2017 - Mainz, Germany

January, 2017 - Berlin, Germany

January, 2017 - Prague, Czech Republic

January, 2017 - Dresden, Germany

January, 2017 - Frankfurt, Germany