WELCOME! I hope you enjoy my photos from around the world.

I'm a retiree and frequent flyer that loves to travel. I'm currently a top tier Alaska Airlines flyer, but also hold lifetime midtier status with both American Airlines and United Airlines.

Photo is from first class on board an Alaska Airlines flight in 2019. Background photo is the Brooklyn Bridge.

September, 2019, Singapore Zoo

September, 2019, Hong Kong

September, 2019, Macau

July, 2019, Frankfurt/Mainz, Germany

July, 2019, Berlin, Germany

July, 2019, Transport Museum, Dresden, Germany

July, 2019, Dresden, Germany

July, 2019, Cologne, Germany

July, 2019, Dusseldorf, Germany

July 4, 2019 Fireworks over the National Mall

July 4, 2019 National Independence Day Parade

July 3, 2019 National Mall


May, 2019, Sydney, Australia - includes OzFest frequent flyer weekend

May, 2019, Melbourne, Australia

May, 2019, Cairns, Queensland, Australia